Easy Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Easy Minnie Mouse Cupcakes using supplies from the baking aisle by Penney Lane Kitchen.

My daughter Caitlin loves is obsessed with Minnie Mouse. Approximately 6 little Minnie friends (one for the car, one for upstairs and downstairs, and one for school) so she is never without her beloved Minnie. An entire Minnie wardrobe complete with shoes and various Minnie toys complete with assorted parts that seem to migrate around […]

Easy Easter Ideas: Mason Jar Peeps Nest

Easy Easter Idea: Mason Jar Peeps Nest

Thank you to Ball Jars for partnering with me on this vlog. My little girl’s sweet teachers had the formidable task of helping ten 2 year olds hunt eggs a her little school’s Easter party. I wanted to give them a little treat for themselves along with a gift card. I had look around for […]