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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Welcome to my house! I’d love to have you over at this time of year and we could share some goodies, chat, and watch HGTV or Food Network while the kids asked you to read them Frosty the Snowman twenty times and I showed you around our decorations. Unfortunately, that’s a little tough so I thought we could do the tour with some photos. :-)

I love this time of year and I have had even more fun than usual decorating, doing Christmas projects, and sharing the magic of the season through my kids’ eyes. There is not much sweeter than the pure joy of a kid’s excitement at Christmas. I tried to keep our decor pretty yet kid friendly with one area being pretty much just for them.

C’mon in and let’s get started!

Our first stop is the living room.

Living Room

Like I said, I love this time of year and even have holiday pillows on the couches. Our holiday decor is a snowman theme and the colors are in primary reds, blues, and greens. (We put these 18 inch tile floors in right before Ethan was born. Our current style is rustic chic in oranges, browns, and greens. It’s been that way for a while now though and I’m now looking to do something brighter and just a tad less masculine but that’s another post. LOL. For now it’s cozy and it’s home.) The tree is an 8 foot tree that Ian and I have had since we got married. Honestly, it’s time to upgrade to a prelit as this thing throws off enough needles that we should have just gotten a real one. :-) Our ornaments are either snowman themed or sentimental like ones the kids made at school, one from our first trip to Scotland, and we gave ornaments as our wedding favors for our December wedding and we kept a couple for our own tree.

Living room collage

I saw this “Frosty” hat in the store and I knew it was just the one for our kid friendly snowman themed tree. The scarf came out of my closet. I added some fun and whimsy to the tree with the green and red polka dot ribbon. On one of our side tables in the living room we have a Christmas village that we add to every year. The two in the photo above are Ian’s favorites: the Irish pub and the pizza parlor. Go figure. ;-)

DIY Let It Snow Window with mirror and ornaments from Hobby Lobby, glass frost spray, thumbtacks, and Sharpies. #StaplesSharpie #pmedia #ad #Christmas #Christmasmantle


I’m pretty in love with our mantle this year as the kids and I worked pretty hard on it and much of what’s on it are handmade which means all the more. My only new addition this year was the fun frosted garland that took a Christmas miracle and about 10 command hooks to get to stay up.

Mantle CollageAnd the stockings were hung by the mantle with care…I got these at Target. I wanted two coordinating but not completely matchy-matchy patterns and love the blend of the two. I hand stenciled the names on. Caitlin with her 7 letters took two stockings to get it right. I should have named her Ann. Kidding! I also made the Let It Snow window that I shared in this post.  You can find the candle sashes here and the glitter tree little man and I made here. We also have a lot of Christmas knick knacks. (Let’s call them what they are. Haha!) I love the crafty hand made style and got the Angel and Santa from Kohl’s a few years ago. The kilt wearing Santa is from an International Santa’s collection from Dillard’s that I collected when I was in college in 19-something. The candy cane is courtesy of Princess Sparkles and I made the P at a pinterest party. Honestly, the back is a hot mess and I don’t feel qualified to do a tutorial so that’s why you haven’t seen it. :-) A mix of handmade, sentimental, and knick knacks accented with some stray Christmas ornaments. It’s us!

Kids CollageI am so enjoying this special time with my munchkins and the fact that they kind of get it…. a little. They’re almost 2 and 3 and a half. Like many family’s we are doing a countdown calendar. He has a Mickey one and she a Minnie with a candy cane and a tiny ornament for each day up until Christmas. They take their ornaments and place it on their little table top tree and pull the numbered tag for that day and the tags have that day’s activity on it. The activities range from go see Santa, to one of our favorites- Granny and Grandad’s arrival from Ireland to reading a book on the Christmas story. I want our home to be pretty, but first and foremost Christmas is for them and I wanted a place that was theirs.

Last stop the dining room!

Table Scape


The theme of handmade and kid friendly continues here with more snowmen as well. The burlap snowman runner is from Hobby Lobby and the bright snowman placemats are from Kohls. I mixed up the chargers from Hobby Lobby in silver and red, again so they wouldn’t be too matchy. The green dishes are actually my everyday dishes from Better Homes & Gardens. The snowflake napkins and snowman and reindeer napkin rings are both from Hobby Lobby. The candles are on the table year round and I just tied the peppermint ribbon around them. The centerpiece is a bowl we got from our wedding and I put a pine floral ring in it and filled in with red and white ornaments of various sizes. Each place setting has their own Christmas cracker (the little Gingerbread noise makers) a UK tradition in honor of my hubby and each place has a chocolate bear or snowman which have somehow survived my children. Again, I filled in with pine cones and extra ornaments. The big wreath on the back I made with mostly repurposed ornaments from our old apartment. I liked how it came out so much I’m not sure I will let people eat here haha! Just kidding I actually can not wait to have family around my table and in my home laughing and celebrating and eating themselves silly.

Tablescape Collage

Thanks for coming over! What do you love about your home for the holidays? I wish you all the best from my family to yours and hope to have you back again soon! Valentines day?


For more beautiful blogger Christmas home tours check out the full list here. Thanks to Denise for organizing it and having me on the tour!



    • Kathy Penney says

      Thank you! I’m thinking I may need a bigger table for the village next year. It’s slowly turning into a city. Haha!

  1. says

    Love everything, but especially the crackers–my mother is from Scotland, so we had them every year, growing up. Our Scottish relatives would send us a box, long before you could buy them in the States.

    • Kathy Penney says

      Thanks Kirby! The kids loved them and Ian was happy to have a bit of home for Christmas so I definitely think they will be our new tradition.


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