Target Giveaway & No Sew Valentine Garland Guest Post

If you still need to do a little Valentine’s shopping Kelley from The Grant Life, myself, and some other awesome bloggers are hosting a Target giveaway to help you out! Easy entry form is below. Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Garland Final

And I had the privilege to share one of my crafts at Craft O Maniac, one of my very favorite blogs so I chose to do a no sew Valentine Garland to complete the mantle I’ve been working on for a while now. I love the way it turned out and it was so fun picking out the fabric! I did a mix of rustic and romantic. I even used the scrap from one of the fabrics to wrap a heart styrofoam form.

Pennant Collage

I used a template to draw the pennants and cut them out by hand and used a Silhouette to do the rest. I mini clothes pinned the pennants to a wide burlap ribbon. I think it goes great with my mantle!

Garland & MantleThe full instructions for the garland are here at Craft O Maniac but I loved it so much I wanted to share the photos with you!




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  1. Sandy McFadden says

    I love shopping the thrift shops and goodwill before I head to the other stores I find some great bargains with tags still on them for a lot less than the original price.

    The 49’ers

    • Kathy Penney says

      I love the thrift stores as well! I have a couple of projects coming up using thrift store items. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Crystal W says

    I was actually rooting more for the score than the teams..I bought a square on a football board at work so I was rooting for a one and a nine! Didn’t care who won though..I’m a Dallas fan and we had a horrible season!

    • Kathy Penney says

      I used to do those football squares every year in my office days. I hope you won! I grew up watching Dallas back in the Aikman days and still root for them but living in Houston I’ve also become a big Texans fan. Maybe next year is the year for one of the Texas teams!

  3. Crystal W says

    My favorite place to shop is an antique store or a thrift shop…it’s like a treasure hunt and you never know what you’re going to find !

    • Kathy Penney says

      I love antique and thrift stores and when my munchkins start preschool in the fall I hope to get in a little time there. Fragile antiques and toddlers don’t mix. :-)

  4. Darlene Sullins says

    My favorite place to shop would have to be the Dollar Tree, Target and Hobby Lobby! :) Well, that’s three places, but they’re all tied! lol

    • Kathy Penney says

      Thanks for reading! I had meant to say in the post that you could totally fold a piece of fabric in half and make hearts for the letters background if you didn’t have a cutting tool! Thanks for reading!


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